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Forest Through the Trees

It's important we step back from the day to day intensity of our lives and from the incessant pattering of our thoughts.

Pause. Breathe. Start looking for patterns in your life. Experiences you've had before.

The power to change our lives lays in identifying, deconstructing and shifting our belief systems. Belief systems are things like - I'm not good enough. People don't like me. I'm not smart. I'm disorganized. I can never sleep. I hate the gym. I'm crazy. I'm annoying. My boss hates me. I hate my job. My husband/wife is a selfish jerk. And on and on.

These often are NOT conscious thoughts...our brain masterfully rewords them to a more acceptable format. But in reality these kinds of beliefs are operating in our subconscious at all times from early in life. They can be changed, but it takes some time and effort, as anything worthwhile does.

The first step - awareness. You must FIND and identify the belief system.

The fastest way to your belief structures is by identifying patterns in our lives. We are ALWAYS building a relationship with the world through our belief systems. By taking time to step back and look for patterns and symbols, we can begin to see how we are shaping our lives and the world, or letting it shape us.

Think of it like pulling a thread on a sweater to unravel it...but first you must find the thread.

I've listed a few patterns I noticed below that led ME to HUGE breakthroughs in my own life. I hope you can find one to relate to!

Relationships - Every detail about this guy is different than the last...but I'm feeling the same. I'm lonelier in relationships and with people than when I'm actually alone.

Career - I am always so insanely busy I don't have a moment to breathe. I have to work this way my job/life/culture requires it.

Home - My house and space is a mess. I don't see the mess or environment in my house and it doesn't bother me.

BODY - I hate my body. Being a woman sucks. My only value is the way I look. Men don't want to me around if I'm not pretty and thin.

Friends - I avoid social situations or feel I needed to be altered to be with people. People don't like me. Nobody gets me. I'll always be alone. Social situations scare me.

Spirit - F*ck god (that was a serious belief system of mine for years). There is no god. God is a jerk if he is around.

These kinds of thoughts/feelings have a root much deeper than this initial thought or experience. Like a weed...if you just trim the top it will keep coming back. We must remove the entire root to get rid of it.

If you'd like to do it with my support, set up a free discovery call today!

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