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Rev. Dr. Lisa Semmler

Dr. Lisa Semmler has been an immeasurably impactful therapist, guide, and healer for me since April 2022. Her tremendous skill and tact as a clinician are only matched by her high degree of warmth and consideration during our sessions. I owe so much to her and am so grateful to have her support during my process. Thank you!  Male, 30, Corporate Sales--Therapy Software


I have been counseling with Dr. Lisa McIlvenna Semmler on and off for over 20 years. She has helped me better my life and deal with some major emotional issues. Lisa is very caring, kind and extremely helpful. She has helped me discover issues that had been bothering me for years. She gives me suggestions how to get myself grounded when I’m anxious about being around certain people in my life, so I don’t stuff my feelings that eventually end up hurting me. She helped me understand what I needed to do to prepare for my mom dying. To enjoy the time we had left with each other and how to be able to let my mom go when the time came, so I would be ok and to grieve in a healthy manner and not go into a depression. When the time came and my mom went to heaven in June 2014, I was and have been fine: I actually experienced peace & joy. Lisa has helped me have better relationships with my family. I did not have a good relationship with my oldest brother, and through counseling with Lisa she helped me build a better relationship with him. In the last 10 years we enjoyed spending time together, going fishing, going to baseball games etc. he passed away this year in January and I am grateful we had those good years together. I recommend Lisa to anyone who suffers from anxiety and/or depression. And with zoom you can live anywhere and get the benefit of having Lisa as your counselor by doing online counseling.  Female, 65, Business Manager


It’s not easy for us to find someone that can hold space for us, a person we can feel safe around discussing our most intimate secrets, fears, challenges.  Those things we live with but are afraid to bring forward to ourselves.  That stuff we don’t even discuss with close family and friends.

It’s hard to trust someone with these things we carry. Specially if that trust was broken for us in the past.

 It takes a special kind of individual to be able to hold these delicate spaces.  Occasionally we open up to the wrong person and we end up  closing up even more.  But Ive learned and deeply believe it is imperative for us all to find and have someone and spaces which we can allow ourselves to be fully vulnerable in.

 I am humbled and honored to say I was able to find this sacred space in my time-shared with Lisa.  I am forever grateful for our time-shared. 

 Gracias, Gracias Gracias. De verdad, Gracias. Male, 35, Artist and Builder

Stacy Bond, LCSW

Stacy is a wonderful therapist. I was recommended by a friend and was nervous at first since I’d never done therapy before. Stacy made sure I felt heard and was very personable. She made me feel comfortable with telling her hard situations and she gave me ways to cope that I still utilize. Stacy encouraged me to get creative with various forms of art as an outlet and I love that! I get choked up realizing how far I’ve come on my therapy journey and I have Stacy to thank for that :)   Female, 27, University Administrator

I had my super sensor guard up during our first call and didn’t realize I hadn't heard anything she said.  I did like her nonjudgmental, easy-going, mater-of-fact demeanor.  She listened and paid attention to what I said.  What she said in response was subtle, gentle and spot on. 

Shortly after I started speaking to Stacy on a weekly basis, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am grateful that Stacy was in place to check on me during our appointments and to let me know that I was doing ok through it all.  

We continued our appointments for the next year and I continued to implement the strategies which she had shared with me and taught to me.  After a year of our appointments, I realized that I didn’t need her anymore, especially for the things I first asked for help with!  

I would recommend Stacy to anyone who is seeking a therapist.  She has a gift and very special way about the way she presents her ideas and herself. Now, as I reflect back, I realize that Stacy also taught me a lesson which we have never spoken about.  People’s problems or issues can be the same regardless of your age or location (microcosm or not), etc.. The key is to understand how to decode it and to rewire it in a more effective manner.  This is what she has taught me to do.   Female, 62, Financial Advisor

Professor Mihaela Plugarasu
Rev. Siramid Iglesias
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