March 24, 2019


The word “vocare” in ancient Latin means “to call, to call forth, to summon.”  We derive the word “vocation” from it.  However, in a spiritual context, I believe it means much more than your profession.  It has to do with your essence, your innermost...

August 26, 2018

There was a time not too long ago when a boy asked a girl out on a date and they both knew what the rules were.  The boy asked the girl for her phone number.  The boy asked the girl out at least several days ahead of time and the girl either accepted or rejected.  The...

July 27, 2018

Have you ever wondered why you seem to constantly have bad luck in relationships?  Or, if there are any healthy people out there?  That you seem to attract partners afraid of commitment.  Or wounded stray puppy partners that you are determined to change, save, and heal...

July 20, 2018

This is the first blog in our series on relationships.

Answer the following questions.  See how many yes responses you have.  In all these questions, if you resonate with some of them, you may not know where these feelings came from, why they seem so entrenched, and why...

July 13, 2018

At Inner Life Transformations, almost all our work has to do with relationships: understanding them, growing with them, healing them, and learning from them.  Some relationships are wonderfully embracing and energy-giving. Others may be seriously energy-depleting or ev...

July 6, 2018

The first step to healing negative belief patterns is finding them.

June 15, 2018

Wake up.  Wake up. Wake up Sleepyheads!  There's a world waiting for you and your gifts.  Around the world people are sensing something. A restlessness.  Something that they can almost put their finger on.  It's at the tip of their tongue, just out of reach.  The Celes...

September 20, 2017

I’ve worked in the domestic violence and sexual assault fields for some 47 years and you would think it gets easier hearing all the thousands of stories after all these years.  It doesn’t.  When it comes to domestic violence, my heart still aches when I’m listening to...

August 10, 2017

Today’s blog is a call to action for all men!

It seems so long ago now, but back in the late 1970s a number of us in the domestic violence, child sexual abuse and sexual assault fields figured out that just working with the victims of abuse was only half the problem.  I...

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