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The Fresh Cup Books

I am excited to announce that, on November 12, 2021, two of my books (the first in the Fresh Cup Series) were published by Wipf & Stock Publishing House. View them below. Purchase them through

Fresh Cup of Counseling - Copy.jpg

​A Fresh Cup of Counseling: A Handbook of Spiritual Counseling presents one of the first in-depth books to lay out a clear clinical and spiritual path for professionals in the mental health, counseling, and coaching fields. Today’s counseling clients want more than traditional therapy. They want something new, bold, and effective, and A Fresh Cup of Counseling serves up just that. While the power of clinical applications in spiritual counseling has long been discussed by field experts, little has been written about the subject—until now. Packed with theoretical and practical knowledge about this power, the book offers a breakthrough guide to spiritual counseling with ideas, training, and real-life case studies for students and professionals alike.


Written by Rev, Dr, Tom Norris—a spiritual counselor and Universalist minister with 51 years of experience in social work, psychotherapy, group therapy, marriage and family therapy, and hypnotherapy—this book is a treasure trove of contemporary and scientific knowledge, starting from a purely psychosocial and psychological perspective and diving into the evolution of the spiritual therapeutic discipline. In the process, it pulls from Buddhist, Judeo-Christian, Native American, Islamic, Yin Yang, Neopagan, Shamanic, Hindu, and other religions, using their practices and ideals (from past lives and chakra balancing to meditation and walking the Medicine Wheel) to demonstrate the power of spirituality in the holistic healing process. The result? A dynamic psycho-spiritual expedition that helps counselors and their clients unleash positive, lasting transformation.

Fresh Cup of Tolerance.jpg

A Fresh Cup of Tolerance pioneers a coherent, practical theology of the burgeoning Universalism Movement. It builds on strong spiritual foundations from Native American, Asian, Neopagan, Judeo-Christian, and Islamic traditions. Pragmatic and straightforward, it addresses the most pressing global dilemmas of our time: environment, globalization, feminism and gender issues, religious strife, oppression, poverty, war, and prejudice. Theologically, it systematically explores our many views of God; good, evil, sin, and suffering; revelation; spirituality in the digital age; the spirit of love and community; and so on. However, it is not just a pleasant treatise on love. It is a living, faith-in-action theology, free of rigid words (scriptures), beliefs (dogma), or practices (rituals).

With seven billion people on the planet, many more to come, cooperating and living (loving) together is a survival essential. In a crisis our best nature surfaces—but we seem unable to sustain a sense of true community and compassion for more than a few CNN weeks at a time. It is a spiritual priority to seek a means to sustain a loving community for longer periods—whether within the family, the community, the larger society, or the world. A theology of Universalism offers a pathway of hope.

These are the first two books in The Fresh Cup Series.  I am working on several more books: 

  • A Fresh Cup of Spirituality: 52 ways in 52 Weeks to Transform Your Life

  • A Fresh Cup of Liberation: 21st Century Liberation Theology

  • A Fresh Cup of Manhood: Being the 21st Century Good Guy: Father, Partner, Date

  • A Fresh Cup of Healing: A Handbook for Counseling Victims of Sexual Abuse

  • A Fresh Cup of Business:  A Handbook for Light Companies and Corporations

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