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Inner Life Transformations

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The First International Spiritual Counseling and Coaching Center

Online--We meet you where you are.

Combining the best of psychology and spirituality with a strong dose of practicality, Inner Life Transformations delivers a holistic healing modality that transforms our clients from the inside out and the outside in.  We work with clients all over the world through the miracles of modern technology (Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp).


Inner Life Transformations is a pioneer in the field of spiritual counseling and coaching.  We believe purpose and passion are necessary for leading a fulfilled life.  And we are here to equip you with the tools to create it.

New York City - Buenos Aires - Miami - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Kansas City -Toronto - Phoenix - Austin - London - Birmingham - Sao Paolo - New Jersey - Alabama - Iowa - California - North Carolina - Florida - Arizona - Nevada - Georgia - Britain - Ireland - Spain - Canada - Nicaragua - Mexico - Brazil - Argentina - Dominica - Philippines - Australia - Holland - Bahrain - Czech Republic... Anywhere on Planet  Earth!

The Dragonfly represents transformation which is why we chose it for our logo.

Visit Our Spiritual Counseling Professionals (Tom, Lisa, Stacy, Mihaela, Siramid, and Cate) at Our Team and see our Fresh Cup Series and Testimonials Pages.  Also, note that we offer specialized training for counselors through the International Guild of Certified Spiritual Counselors and Coaches.  Visit the International Guild Certification page.

Our Mission Statement

To raise the love vibration on the planet through spiritual teaching and training, and through providing heart-centered and spirit-centered spiritual and pastoral counseling services.

Flash News

"Through his careful guidance, Dr. Tom Norris has not only helped me cope with issues of rape, insecurity and anxiety, but more importantly, has given me a greater understanding of myself. Having worked with other counselors in the past, I can honestly say that his wealth of knowledge, unique insight, and sincere care for those he works with makes him an ideal mentor for any patient; and I know that, through our work together, he will continue to make me the best possible version of the person I am meant to be."

Jessie, Nurse, 25

We Universalists are just as comfortable chanting under the heavenly vault of a starlit sky on the side of a mountain; purifying ourselves in the womb of Mother Earth in a Native American Inipi (Sweat Lodge) Purification Ceremony; listening to the various holy men and women deliver their measure of truth in temple, mosque, church or cathedral; or meditating in forest and cave with the winds and currents of Mother Earth streaming around and through us as we become one with the divine.  Until one has experienced it, one cannot understand the incredible, unconditional love created in raptly listening to all of us and all of creation singing countless melodies with innumerable harmonies in untold voices all coming miraculously together in one epic aria.  All barriers seem to melt away and one then wonders why we have the seeming human need to construct so many obstacles—in opposition to the message of oneness.

Tom Norris

from A Fresh Cup of Tolerance

Looking Out to the Lake


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