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Calling All Light Workers!

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up Sleepyheads! There's a world waiting for you and your gifts. Around the world people are sensing something. A restlessness. Something that they can almost put their finger on. It's at the tip of their tongue, just out of reach. The Celestine Prophecy calls it the third revelation. I call it, "Time to stop hitting the Snooze Button."

The planetary energies have been scattered all over the place for the past couple of years. It almost feels like we are in permanent planetary PMS. Nations, cultures, people seem erratic and irritable. We were making what appears to be vast steps forward in consciousness, followed by a shocking backlash. Yet, it is not something to fear; it is only a natural part of the shift as the planetary vibration moves us higher and closer to the love and unity vibration. These energy shifts are challenging all of us to get into spiritual shape. They push us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They are a wake up call. But, a wake up call to what?

Can you hear the ringtone of your purpose calling you? Everyone on the planet is getting the phone call from their internal spirit self. Sadly, most cannot hear it and even if they do, how do they answer? For those of you who are feeling this restlessness, who are sensing that you are supposed to be doing something more--then touch, feel, see, hear and embrace that feeling--for it is real.

Yes...embrace the feeling that there is something you are supposed to be doing. Even if you are not sure what that is, that is the call. It is your wake up jingle jangle from light and life. It is your summoning Higher Purpose and Destiny. It is a reminder that you came here for a specific purpose; that you volunteered to use your unique gifts and talents to fulfill contracts that not only help the world, but also serve to evolve humanity as a whole for eternity.

We call this kind of inspired, purposeful living Lightwork. Those serving the Light work are Lightworkers. They are conduits for light energy to enter the world through a variety of mechanisms.

Remember that nearly every Lightworker initially resists the Call. Moses, Isaiah, Muhammad, Mary Magdalene, St. Francis, Mother Theresa. They all fought it. They knew the Call would change their lives forever. They knew things would never be quite the same. Yet, they also knew in their heart of hearts that this is what they came here to do. That they would never be satisfied if they didn't follow their heart and soul. The Call soon becomes a longing for fulfillment and meaning. Once they accepted the Call and followed their path, each began to feel whole again.

This doesn't mean you have to save a nation, or give up everything to help the poor, or create a religion. Our spiritual light tasks usually aren't quite so big, and we are never given more than we can handle (even if it feels so at times). What are your unique and amazing talents and gifts? Will you bring light through beauty (art, music, dance, theater)? Through being a great partner and parent? Through reaching out to those in need? Through public service to your community? Through caring for Mother Earth and her plant and animal nations? Through living your dreams and passions in a meaningful career? There are so many ways to bring light to the world. There are so many ways to bring happiness into your own life and the lives of others. What are you waiting for? Wake up, Sleepyheads!

**** Tom Norris****

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